why tagging your team is costing you 1000s and how to make money from tags

Why tagging your co workers and manager could be costing you $1000s per year and learn how to use tags to truly benefit your business today!(and dozens of more car sales tips here)

Want to learn how to take your posts on Facebook and make them even stronger?

So strong they are start working for you!

We do this with Tags and tags are incredibly powerful tools when used correctly.

Tags if used correctly can increase our newsfeed saturation(amount of people that sees post) by a lot. They do this by creating bi-stories which are like shares for saturation.

That’s why it saddens when I see tags used in a way that can cost you a lot of money.

Social Proof bi stories- purpose of tag

Tags are very powerful tools and should be used in any Organic Facebook Marketing campaign.

The purpose of tags for marketing are based around 2 ideas.

1- Social Proof- the more people that are doing something, the more people want to do it.

Example- enough people buy something or think something is cool then it becomes cool(Kim K)

2- Bi Stories- which are like second stories. Your post creates a story on your timeline and shows up in other news feed. A bi-story is a second story that shows up on other people's timelines or in their networks newsfeed.

Tagging people isn’t Social Proof

Just tagging people or having posts with a bunch of people doesn’t create Social Proof.

The only thing that creates is a sloppy looking posts that looks even sloppier if no one engages...

The Social Proof comes when people comment on the post or when a tag is relevant.

When you sell someone and you tag them in a post congratulating them and thanking them for trusting you enough to invest with you then that is relevant and Social Proof.

That why it always confuses me when I scroll my newsfeed and I will see engagement posts, everyday posts, and even marketing posts designed to get leads with co-workers and entire teams tagged.

It’s not even 1 guy most of the time. It’s an entire team from General Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Staff, Support Staff… It’s like a fucking family reunion... Am I right?

Tagging a team shout-out or employee is NOT social proof...

I can already see the comments, “But it is social proof because people are appearing on the thread”... No, you are wrong. It is social proof when they comment and create engagement which helps you far more than just social proof and actually ties into the algorithm and edge rank stuff.

The only time it is social proof to tag every single member of your team is when you are celebrating as a team. You had the best this year? Best month in company history? Etc….

Go for it! That is huge social proof and everyone wants to be with winners, Am I right?

1-Can’t sell them

The number 1 reason I don’t understand tagging your team if you are using Facebook for marketing then it should be a pretty obvious choice… You can’t sell them.

It reminds me of these people that works in sales and have 1000 friends online with 500 selling the same product and they can’t figure out why they can’t find leads or made sales online…

2-You like giving your leads away

I have been working in sales for over half of my life now and I don’t know about you but there are a lot of guys I don’t trust. I like to think I am pretty stand up guy and don’t skate and wouldn’t but that’s not how a lot of guys are. Hell, this still doesn't stop people from poaching my posts.

This is why I would never do an engagement post meant to get leads and tag teammates in it knowing someone is going to eventually try something(how to sell 5 cars today with 1 Facebook post).

3-It’s annoying and clouds up other people timelines…

This is a personal pet peeve of mine and because I know it drives me nucking futs then I know there are A LOT of others too. Being tagged constantly or over using unsolicited tags is just annoying.

It’s not only annoying but it’s pretty obnoxious and a lazy way to market. Not to mention if you do this then you are showing zero respect for the people you are tagging. Have you ever scrolled a friends timeline and seen a bunch of random ass tags that didn’t make any sense being there? Congrats, you are leaving those tags

Tagging for social proof(customers)

Whenever you sell a customer you should be grabbing a picture with them and tagging them.

That picture will live forever in their “Photos of you” tab funneling prospects back to you.

Think of the power of scrolling my newsfeed and seeing my friend buy a brand new XYZ and being as happy as hell. I am going to want one and you are going to be on my mind as the person that helps even though I have never seen or met you…

That’s the power of tagging customers.

Tagging for Social Proof(testimonials)

Another great way of taking advantage of tagging a customer is if you can position it as a testimonial. This is also a great way to keep leveraging the same selling point over and over.

If someone shoots you a message or makes a post of about their NEW xyz then grab a screen shot and post it with their tag.

It’s then just as effective as tagging them in a sold picture. It is probably more effective to their friends list because they are seeing it in their friends words. That is Social Proof….

Increasing social proof and weight(syndicate)

If you want to increase your social proof and weight but you’re a smart person like I know you are then you know tagging your team doesn’t work and are probably wondering what works while using your team, am I right?

Taking those same friends and people you hope will engage with a tag and messaging them works. It works so well that it’s a technique I was taught to by mentor, use myself, and teach others.

Why would you tag people and hope they engage some really awesome words resulting in more weight and social proof when you can just reach out? It’s that easy. Just shoot them a message with the link to the thread or if that’s too hard then click share and send in a message.

A simple “Hey, can I get a like and a comment on here when you get a chance” is all that is needed. That gives you all the exact benefits you are looking for by tagging your team without any of those nasty side effects.

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