What makes a sale?

What makes a sale? I know it's a silly question because anyone reading this is in sales and pounding their head on the table right now

A sale is nothing more than value being exchanged from one person to another.

I didn't say money. Anything of value can be exchanged.

When does a sale happen?

A sale happens when value exceeds price and affordability isn't an issue. You do this by finding the problem, building the value, and connecting the two.

Best Value Building Technique 😎👌

1. Ask the right questions and then listen- They will tell you their pain points and what their problem is.

2. Listen carefully to their problem and pains they're suffering- This only helps you with creating that emotional connection to the sale.

3. Demonstrate and discuss the value points of your product that solves their problem and ease their pain.

Take a step back and slow down a little bit and you may surprise yourself.

As salesman we get in the habit of talking and barely listen and we need to the exact opposite.

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