What do vistaprint and dollar shave club have in common?(not a bad joke)

They both show you how to make a lot of money!🤭

Both sites look innocent, am I right?

Because they are... until you actually go through their funnel and then it's 🤯

Both of the companies have done an amazing job at increasing and optimizing their average cart value(ACV)...

To increase their ACV they capture your attention and get you involved with some low ticket items such as business cards or a dollar a month razor subscription.

Once you are in then it's on and they don't put gloves on either.

You click check out on VistaPrint and next thing you know you see your logo and design on dozens of products that would be perfect for your business even though you don't need them, am I right?

Business cards turns into pens and mouse pads and shirts and... Eff it... might as well upgrade the "take my salary package" since it's better than the $32 business cards I wanted..

The same with Dollar Shave Club- That is a company this is killing it!

Guys! let's be honest. You and I have sat down scrolling on the computer and seen one of their insane advertisements selling razors for dirt cheap and thought, "how the hell do they do it?", right?

It's because that is the bottom of the line "You're trash and might like it" package.

That dollar a month package quickly turns into close to $100/month with razors, creams, lotions, and a lot more we don't need...

Both companies are AMAZING at what they are doing and are great companies to look at for a system that really works.

They both use the same systems and if you click over to their site and click around you can see this. They both are using bump sells and upsells in their sales funnel to get you to up the ACV.

At the end of the day the person that can spend the most to get a customer will win the customer and when you are enticing people with dollar clicks and selling them $50/month(600/year) subscription package I would say you're winning, am I right?

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