What can bob ross teach you about marketing?

Are you ready for a fact that most of you won’t be able to deny?

If you lived through the 80’s then I can almost guarantee that you know who Bob Ross is.

And I will even argue that he is more famous today than any other time with reruns of his show still playing and his face and taglines licensed and plastered EVERYWHERE.

The big permed fro, the goatee, the soft and subtle voice and, most importantly, his undying love of painting and unwavering positivity!

Bob Ross has more fans than ever and I would wager that his fan page keeps growing every year.

My daughter and I love the guy! Just look at our matching shirts in the picture.

We recently went to a Bob Ross exhibit, not just any one either but the largest on the east coast.

Who knew there was such a thing?

It was a beautiful presentation that started with an eye opening movie.

When you think of Bob Ross you think of painting and not marketing, am I right?

Here’s a fun fact… Bob Ross didn’t even like his perm. He did it to save money and then was stuck with it because it became his brand and a logo.

Pretty crazy stuff, am I right?

That’s not even the best part.

The best part is when they broke down his business model.

When you think of Bob Ross you think of his T.V. show and his love for painting and teaching painting.

That’s what most of us see. He made his money and his company continues to still make money through the sale of his paints and classes.

His passion was always to teach painting and that’s what he did most of the time. The only time he was in the studio was for a few days every quarter to lay down 13 episodes.

He was great at it too. He would film all of his episodes in one take and per episode there was a total of 3 paintings.

1 practice painting, 1 reference painting, and the painting from the show.

We actually seen some work done from Bob Ross, it was amazing!

The show didn’t bring him an insane amount of money, at least not directly.

The show was a lead magnet.

His business was selling the classes, seminars and art supplies. Those items were at various levels on his value ladder.

The start of the sales funnel and the lead magnet was the show and the free classes he would put on.

Bob Ross was creating sales funnels before all the fancy words, software and awards.

He had it all laid out too. Everything from his free products and lead magnets to his low ticket and high ticket items.

Think about it like this:

Bob Ross has a show that people love.

People are influenced by the show and begin to dabble in artistry

The best paint to use while using Bob Ross’s technique is his paint, and the same exact king he used too.

People realize this and go out and spend a few dollars on his paint.

There’s additional offers and rebates attached to the paint.

People submit their info and become data.

Data is segmented and marketed to.

This was a brilliant marketing strategy that allowed them to keep growing each and every single year.

Sending coupons for art supplies, offers for digital products, sales copies and offers for seminars and one off events both close and distant.

Bob Ross was way ahead of his time.

I enjoyed the exhibit and learning his business model was eye opening.

I don’t charge for the info I put out on SalesTalkUncensored.com, much like Bob Ross and his show, this is a lead magnet for me.

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Thanks, Huff


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