WARNING: by 2025 half of all Sales Reps will be unemployed and replaced by tech and robots!

I want you to stop and do something. I want you to look to your right and your left… Those people won’t be working in sales by 2025…

Look in front and behind you and those people will be unemployed by 2030. The only sales reps left in the future are the real sales professionals. The people that killing it and doing sales the way it should be done.

The order takers and half ass reps will be gone… like they should be. I want to share a story with you. Have you ever walked into a Target store and left with only one thing? Probably not and that’s because they’re marketing and process is amazing.

Have you heard the story about Target predicting a womans pregnancy? Yeah… fucking crazy, right?

There was a dad in Minnesota(aye?) that stormed into a Target store demanding to speak with the manager. He was pissed off and I wouldn't blame him. “Why TF are you sending baby clothes and pregnancy stuff to my daughter, she’s in high school. Are you promoting teenage pregnancy?”

He left and a few days later the manager called to check on the guy and apologize but something happened. The guy apologized.

“Uh...ummm… so… I have to say sorry…. My daughter and I had a long talk and she’s been keeping something from us. It turns out she is pregnant and has been.” Target knew this because of the data they collected on her shopping habits. From the website, store cards, debit or credit cards being used, etc… It’s call big data and it’s better than ever.

Data and AI will be what replaces most of the people at your job right now.

You know those privacy policies you check off and don’t read? They are giving companies permission to do 2 things: Collect and use as much data possible

Collect and share/sell that data

This means that Jimmy in the corner cubicle who is there to collect is a check is replaceable. Big data can not only predict likes, wants, and needs but it can do it better than we can and it keeps improving.

Combine that with some Sales Funnels, Chat Bots, and other sneaking marketing tricks that keep improving and it’s game over.

We already see people and BDC departments being replaced by tech. It is only a matter of time before most the sales population goes the same route. With tech being able to determine the wants and needs, qualify people, and everything else the average sales rep will be able to take the workload of half a dozen reps.

Tech, systems, and processes will replace most sales reps by 2030.

There’s good news though. You can stop this. You can save yourself and do the career you love for the rest of your life.

You only have to do a few things too:

Learn and understand big data

Learn how to use the data you are receiving

Learn about bots and how to create your own

Or to put it simply…

You really have to level up and keep leveling up if you don’t want to be replaced by robots.

People think my tag line of “Saving your jobs from the robots…” is me kidding.

Wake up: it’s not.


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