understanding this will DOUBLE your sales...

This is the most important thing you can do RIGHT NOW to close more sales!

It’s not logging onto YouTube and looking up “Closing skills”.

It’s not using that word track you learned from your manager that hasn’t worked the floor for 20 years… Please don’t use that… It’s not some “super secret trick” that will instantly hypnotize your prospects.

It is something you can do right now!

It is something that will help you grow your business right now! It is the same thing all the guys out there selling 30, 40, and 50+ every month are focusing on as you’re reading this.(but keep reading so you can do it too)...

It’s called activity, lead generation, taking control of your business… whatever the hell you want to call it. It’s getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there. Let’s do some math and comment below which is better: 100% closer that sees 5 people

50% closer that sees 10 people

30% that sees 20 people…

You have 5, 5, and then 6… The lowest quality and “shittier sales person” is selling the most…

The guy that barely sell will outsell the guy that can’t get people in front of him

Even a blind squirrel will find a nut, am I right?

And think about this.

What if the 30% closer gave 10 of his deals to the 100% closer for 5 halfs and kept 10 for himself… He’s now at 8…

If he gave all of his leads to the 100% closer then he’s now at 10… and the “closer” owes his check to him too if you think about it.

He’s still the same “shitty closer and salesman” but he’s out selling the two others because he can generate leads.

The name of the game is Lead generation… That will make wealth. Anyone can be a salesperson and a big closer.

Once you understand lead generation you begin to understand leverage and start the process of scaling.

The guys out there dominating your industry know this.

They have evolved beyond the “salesman” mindset and moved into the entrepreneur and growth mindset.

They are focused on how many contacts, leads, and prospects they can get.

That’s what makes money…

That’s what creates more opportunity…

That’s what really gives you the freedom you got into sales for…

#theHUFF #DoBetter #BeBetter


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