to-do lists are hurting your business...

Throughout the years I have sold everything from insurance, supplements, personal training, vacuums, and a few other things.

Hell, I was using Social Media to sell cars back in 2014-2015 when everyone else was saying "Social Media isn't for sales".

Back in 2008 when I was first using Social Media to market I got A LOT of hate but that's a different story for a different posts.

It didn't matter what I sold, I was told by numerous managers and mentors to create a to do lists. So I did.

I created a bunch of them and they were long drawn out messes.

15 items here, 20 items there...

And nothing got done. I only got more and more frustrated as I felt like I was losing.

It wasn't until 2017 when I had a mentor from Real Estate sit me down and introduce me one hell of a writer.

I didn't even know this guy was a writer. I just knew him as a company.

I am talking about Gary Keller from Keller Williams and the first book that my mentor made my buy was "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" and it was AMAZING. Click on the link and check it out if you haven't yet.

I got so much value from that book that I keep looking at Gary Keller and all the options he had and I found another book.

This book would change my life.

"The One Thing" is about doing simple things for extraordinary results.

He talks about how to-do lists are setting you up for failure because most of the stuff is small and doesn't have to be done.

Instead he suggests breaking it down.

Think about your goals and what has to be done to hit those goals.

What is the one thing I can do today that will change my business, spiritual life, family life, etc tomorrow.

It's the 20/80 rule.

You get 80% of the results that truly matter from 20% of your results and "The One Thing" made this point stick.

When I sat down and read "The One Thing" and then later listened to the audio book it changed my life.

Instead of me going through the day frustrated, agitated, and uneasy I was able to relax.

I had less on my plate and more results than ever.

Instead of creating a to-do list you need to create a "Success List".

Take your to-do list and start scratching off stuff that doesn't have impact in your business.

If you don't finish a task will it really effect the outcome?

For most task it won't.

Andy Frisella of "The MFCEO Project" takes it a step further.

He says to write down a to-do list of only 5 things. Just 5.... No more and no less.

Your goal every single day is to complete the task on those lists before you go to bed and then your day is done.

If you complete all 5 tasks you draw a W on your page because you won the day.

Talk about momentum. I like winning and stringing along wins for the day keeps me going.

These have to be actionable tasks. My list today as I'm writing this is:

1- Round of Disc Golf(Fitness)

2- Blog posts(writing right now)

3- Sales copy for my social media pages

4- Podcast episode

5- Put Laundry away(happy wife, happy life)

Everything on the list is geared towards hitting other goals I have in my life and "The One Thing" brings this all home.

Check out "The One Thing" and give it a read. It will change the way you think and change your life.

He goes beyond the to-do lists.

Gary Keller shows you how to set goals that align with everything else in your life and how to live the most extraordinary life you can.

Click this link to grab a copy from Amazon.


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