This one book will make you more successful!

This one book will make you successful

Do I have your attention? And before you go on guessing Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, or any other big names out there let me say… No, it’s not them.

I am going to tell you who it is but first let me share a story about Joe Rogan, do you know him?

He use to host a show on Fear Factor, he’s the butt of a lot of MMA jokes, and he is a podcasting pioneer.

He is a driven guy. He focuses on his goals and doesn’t relent.

I am the same way and I look for people like that, if you are reading this then you are like that too.

I was watching a podcast episode of his and he mentions how it took him awhile but he realized he was just wired differently.

Like myself he would often times look at people and be thinking “bro, all you gotta do is this and this and this and you will have all you want! Let’s do it” and then he realized those people don’t want help.

They are content doing nothing with their life and being nothing. After years of coaching and consulting it clicked! I can’t help everyone. I have to understand not everyone is wired like me.

Not everyone will work as much as possible and skip out on hobbies and drive to build a 6 figure business in 6 months. It just took me a long time to realize that.

There’s a book out there that will help you out if you aren’t wired to be Relentless and want more.

It’s titles Relentless and it’s by Tim S Grover.

It is an easy read but it is so powerful. He talks about 3 types of people and these three types of people are really different.

You have the cooler, closer, and cleaner. The only one I want to be is the cleaner because they win. They win because they are so focused and relentless.

I bring up the story with Joe Rogan as I talk about this book because Joe was talking about being relentless and never being satisfied.

Joe Rogan is a cleaner. Michael Jordan is a cleaner. Grant Cardone is a cleaner.

A lot of very successful people are cleaners. My personal hero and my favorite person I have ever worked with, Ken Shamrock, is a cleaner.

Being a cleaner is about being relentless and #NoDaysOff and pushing forward.

Go to Amazon or whatever store you go to and grab a copy of Relentless if you want to jumpstart your life.

Are you already part of team #NoDaysOff then join our official group and the movement at


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