The truth behind ads...

Everyone that is in business or sells a product has one goal and that's to increase their sales and start living the life they truly dreamed of.

Missing events with family and friends, working more hours than we should, missing meals, and the list goes on.

Sales and living our best life and the only life we dream about is the only thing that actually makes everything we do worth it, am I right?

Now here's the harsh truth and I tell you this because it's always my goal to be as honest with you as possible... But here it is...

Most of us won't hit those goals and live our dream life but some will and reading this will get you closer to your goals.

We are going to talk about ads and how to use them to generate business and more leads...

Well, not exactly. We are going to talk about ONE MAJOR FLAW with ads and why they're not working.

A lot of us do not have the right message or a process of capturing leads. Most of us are creating a post with a picture and some words and a giant block of text and a call me at the bottom.

That's not good enough. That is throwing your money in the toilet most of the time.

I've talked to a lot of people to hear "I ran ads but people aren't calling me, texting me, or coming in and asking for me. Ads don't work" and that's partially true. Ads don't work the way most sales professionals and business owners run ads.

You can't just hope and wish for people to see the ads, be in the market, and then take action.

You have to target a group of people and then get them to act. Get them to show some buying signals. Get them to give you their name, number, and email address to be sold and marketed to.

That's the secret behind the power of ads. It's attracting people and collecting their info so you can then use it.

It's taking a proactive approach and taking action and being that professional that calls and follows up and doesn't wait for business.

The only way to do this is with a lead magnet. What is that one thing that people that are buying your thing really want? What is the thing I can offer in exchange for their action and information?

Using a lead magnet, the correct copy, and marketing to the right targeted audience will change your business and marketing.

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P.S. remember... the name of the game is Lead Generation


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