the secret to selling by Appointment only in 2020.

Who else wants to know the secret to becoming the mythical “Works by appointment only” sales rep?I got into direct sales by getting my insurance license around 2008 because I thought it would be great and I’d make a lot of money.

I made a little money and sales were great… when I was making them.

I had a few issues though, and maybe you can relate... I just moved to my town and I was young with a small family and needed more.

It was 2008 and two HUGE things were happening become of the Real Estate bubble bursting.

Companies were losing money and going bankrupt left and right.

Companies weren’t spending money to get people in and the people coming in weren’t spending money.

Sure, I had company leads.

Leads that could have been years old or freshly laid-off and let’s be honest here, cold calling sucks!

I knew I needed more leads and I began marketing myself.

I was using places like Craigslist, Facebook and MySpace because it was still relevant.

The hate I got was insane.

I would get messages and emails daily saying, that’s not how we market.

I didn’t care.

I was too young to care and too stupid to know any better.

What I did know is one simple thing…

I was booking far more appointments and had a lot more leads than anyone else.When I got into Car Sales in 2014 or so this carried over hugely.

I didn’t have to rely on lot ups.

I was able to work off of A LOT of appointments.

Since 2016 I’ve helped 100s of Auto and Sales professionals learn to do the same.

People, just like you, no longer have to rely on lot ups. They are, and you can, take less lot ups, work less hours, get more money, and love you life.

The secret to becoming the mythical “Appointment only rep” is by lead generation.

Not a single person sells a damn thing…

No one sells real estate.

No one sells cars.

No one sells phones.

No one sells anything!

The name of the game is lead generation.

If you can go out and make 30 brand new contacts a day then I guarantee, if your crm and

follow up game is on point, that you will lead the board. That’s 900 new contacts and new friends a month.

Think about this too, if you only get 450 contacts a month then that’s still insane.

Do this for 60 days and YOU WILL be blown away.

Your business will multiply quickly.

There’s a lot of ways to market and get new touches.

You have service lane, random bumps, referral partners, social media and so much more.

If you couldn’t tell by my story earlier… I am partial to Social Media. Social Media is a great place to get 100s of leads a year.

If you are serious about becoming the top person on your board then I would love to help you.

You can your own copy of the "Super awesome social media bootcamp" digital book at


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