mastering this post can change your business.

Social Media doesn't have to be hard.

Once you understand the algorithm and the three types of post then you're all set.

Thankfully I already made a post about the 3 types of posts here.

You have the marketing posts, the attractive character posts, and one other posts that is more important than the others.

This post is so important because it gets the algorithm cranking in your favor.

It ensures that people see the marketing posts that create the leads and the attractive character posts that create your raving fans.

I am talking about the "Engagement Posts".

The purpose of this post is for engagement to get the algorithm in your favor.

Appealing to a wide audience and getting a lot of engagements does two big things for your profile.

It creates Affinity, which is like a connection between two accounts.

Have you ever scrolled Facebook and came across a post you liked but couldn't remember seeing that person and you liked or commented that post.

Then you kept scrolling and you noticed that person pop up on your page over and over?

That is affinity first hand.

That is creating a connection between yourself and a user.

That means every single person that likes your engagement posts will begin to see a lot more of your posts.

It creates weight, which is engagements added to a post making it "heavier" and being seen by more people.

Every single click on your post and profile adds weight.

It makes that posts heavier and gives it more newsfeed saturation.

It makes your profile heavier making it appear more in suggested friends and others places.

A lot of engagement posts are really easy.

They come in the form of jokes, general feel good posts, or something that incites engagement.

Think motivation, inspiration, or humor for a winning engagement posts.

You want to appeal to every single person you can and inspire, motivate, or make them smiles.

A great formula I like to teach my students in my programs is my "Morning Engagement Formula".

It's really easy to learn and master but you have to do it EVERY SINGLE MORNING to get the value.

Part 1: Audience- In copy writing we call this flagging. This is pointing out the people you want to talk to.

“Good Morning Friends!”

“Attention People Connected With Me!”


Part 2: Statement- You are making an open statement and normally something positive, motivation, or inspirational.

“It’s a BEAUTIFUL day”

“It’s a GREAT day!”

“It’s a GREAT day for discounts!”

Part 3: Engagement- You are inviting interaction and engagement normally by repeating the statement in the form of a question.

“Who’s going to have a BEAUTIFUL day?”

“Are you going to have a GREAT day?”

“Want to save a few 1000 on a NEW vehicle today?”

When everything is combined it looks just like this.

"Good Morning Friends. It’s a BEAUTIFUL day! Who’s going to have a BEAUTIFUL day?"

"Listen up Loan Officers. Great day to be closing deals! LIKE this if you are closing deals today!"

"FRIENDS! It’s a GREAT day for discounts! Want to save a few 1000 on a new vehicle today?"

To get even more eyes you can throw some emojis in there, put it on a colored background, or a do a combination both.

The main thing is to be consistent every single day with it!

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