learn How to sell 5 cars from Social Media today.

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Social Media and content marketing strategies is an AMAZING combination for getting leads instantly.

I have been leveraging Social Media for marketing since 2008 and I have sold millions online worth of goods and services and I am going to show you are really easy strategy I teach some of my students.

This strategy works really well for Auto but it could work really well for pretty much any industry.(join Car Sales Secrets Here)

In fact with a little verbiage changing I have clients in retail, MLM, coaches, insurance, and other industries using this same exact strategy so go ahead and try it out.

Too many people mess up here…

A lot of people think that social media is for explicitly selling with a direct offer on this awful looking post with a bunch of technical spec an picture of the products and I am bored to death already just thinking about it…

You want to have a goal to sell implicitly. Social Media and your content and post are meant garner interests and then we start a conversation and move them into the ideal sales


It’s an organic sales funnel.

Social Media is like a vertical scrolling game, think doodle jump, but most actions scroll down and not up. The goal is to get people to stop and filter themselves and qualify themselves and then move them to the next step.

From the post you will want to send a message and then from the messenger and conversation send them to where you want them to go and that could be a landing page, in store appointment, phone appointment, whatever your goal is…

That sounds cool and all but how do I do it?

Since we are keeping this Article Auto related let me share the exact post and exact formula for sending a message without pissing people off.

With a colored backdrop I want you to post-

Friends! What would you change about your current vehicle is you had the chance to change anything?

It’s that simple. You are asking them what they don’t like about XYZ or what they would change about XYZ to uncover a potential problem that you can solve.

Every single person that answers and engages in that post we can assume has interest of some sort in bettering their vehicle so you have to message every single person and we make it super easy with out 3 step messenger formula.

Intro- Hey Karen!

Context- I made a post asking about what you would about your current vehicle if you could change anything and you mentioned you would change XYZ.

Conversation- What do you currently drive?

And it goes right into the wants and needs analysis and sales process.

It’s that easy to grab leads with an organic sales funnel using the platforms you are wasting time on already.

If you sell cars and you want to learn how to become a 20, 30, 40+ car beast then check out our Car Sales Secrets group at http://bit.ly/CarSalesSecrets and start selling a lot more units NOW!



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