Learn 5(+1 Bonus) ways to generate more leads and sell more cars today

Want to learn 5(+1 bonus) NEW ways to generate leads and sell more cars you can use NOW?

The very first REAL sales job I had they made me create 15 NEW contacts a day.

I didn't understand why. I just thought if I could talk okay that I could close sales.

And that's true but here's the thing... even if you are a Unicorn(100% closer) you need numbers.

You could close 100% of your sales BUT if no-one is in front of you then no-one is buying anything. Right?

No-one really sells anything.

The name of the game is Lead Generation. I was blessed that the very first gig I had made me do all of that.

I was also blessed because I had 2 hidden factors:

1)I hated disappointing people and not hitting goals 2) I was lazy and always looked for the most efficient ways to hit a goal.

From my time selling cars back in the day and then from helping a few 100 Auto Sales Savages since 2016 I've learned a tricks.

Check out these Lead Generation Techniques, try them out, then tell me how they are.

-Service Lane-

It's a no-brainer to me, they are there and they don't want to be there and they have a problem.

We are professional problem solvers too so they're in good hands, am I right?

Picture this in your head. You walk up to person sitting in the service bay. They've been sitting there for a hour and they are antsy. They know they are going to be forced to pay something but you have a solutions...

"Wow! I am sorry to hear about your vehicle problems. Can I ask you a question? If I could help you out and get you out of the broken down car you're not happy, get you into a newer and more reliable vehicle, AND keep you at the same payment or lower would it make sense to talk with me for a few minutes about how I can help?"

-News letter-

This is old school but it works. Jack Schafer mentions in his book 'The Like Switch' that the formula to being liked is Frequency multiplied by Duration.

You want your name seen by your sold and future customers as much as possible. What better way to stay in front of them than with a bi-weekly News Letter talking about community events, community happenings, and an occasional promo plug?

You can do a custom email or the old fashioned snail mail. Just make it happen.


Swag is another inexpensive way to get your name, face, and info out there. Calendar or sport teams magnets, pens, etc....

-Referral partners-

It's all about relationships, baby! You help me and I help you. It's even better when you can pay out bird dogs and give rewards.

Think of people that are in contact with a lot of motorists that may need help.

*Mechanics *Insurance Agents *Gas Stations Clerks

Make an introduction and just tell them what you do. All 3 of the people I just mentioned deal with frustrated motorists and broken cars on the daily.


When you need deals NOW sometimes you just have to pick up a phone and reconnect with some old friends.

"Who do you know that needs my help?"

But what if you need deals NOW and don't have a book of business you can call on or a local network?

-Social Media-

All the platforms you scroll and waste time on daily are very powerful tools. If used correctly you can a dozen or more leads off of one post.

Even now if you have 1000 friends on Facebook, you could use it to get 100 leads in the next 90 days.

That's how powerful of a tool it is.

I have leveraged Social Media as my primary means to generate warm and hot leads since

2008. These are leads coming to me asking me if they can buy.

It's Powerful!

Since 2016 I have helped 100s of Automotive Sales Professionals learn to sell more using Content Marketing.

I know how much life can change in 90 days from the right Content Marketing Strategy. I have personally had Content Marketing change my life and have helped many others do the same.

A lot of the people that I help have the exact same issue:

*Hard to think of content *Too time consuming to write content *Don't know what to post *SCARED they might post the "wrong" thing And a lot more...

Does this sound like you?

That's actually why I took my 'Perfect Post Tool- 100+ engaging posts for you to use' and I made something different.

I made the 'Perfect Post Tool Automotive Edition- 101+ engaging posts that help you double your car sales' and this thing is loaded.

*10+ posting tips to help you get more results Facebook LIVE video Script *10+ Authority and Credibility establishing posts *12+ engaging Car Buying posts *3+ Referral posts(turn your friends lists into a referral machine) *"Just Sold" Customer Tagged Copy

Even better?

You can get it TODAY for only $27!

We have helped dozens of Auto Professionals this week already and we about to put the price back up to $198.

It's really easy to take advantage of the $27 promo. 1) go to http://bit.ly/pptautoedition 2) Click on 'Enroll Now' 3) Use coupon code '27' at check out


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