If you don’t like tire kickers don’t kick tires yourself.

If you don’t like tire kickers don’t kick tires yourself.

You are sitting at your desk and waiting for lot ups and the be-back bus to come back finally and then you see it!

It’s a Mini-Van pulling into the lot. You get excited and your palms are sweaty and we both just started rapping that 8 mile song, am I right?

You go and introduce yourself to them and you spend a few hours with them…


No…. They are tire kickers.

They came on the lot to waste your time and kick tires like that shit actually does something, right?


Before you starting cussing at me and leave the #STU blog PLEASE let me explain.

If you have followed me on Facebook for a long enough time or you’re a member of my Car Sales Secrets group then you know I am a firm believe in you sell how you buy…

You also know me writing the first part of this blog post with someone waiting on lot ups made me cringe because like it or not the fact is that APPOINTMENTS SELL CARS!

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Another fun fact is how you act is what you tolerate normally.

If you are getting a bunch of “tire kickers” then it’s time to sit back and look in the mirror because there’s a good chance you are a tire kicker yourself.


You treat people based on the truth that is in your world and how you live and what you see as acceptable.

If you are a person that is okay being non-committal and loggy gagging through life then I PROMISE you that you WILL ALLOW that in your life.

Years ago when I was selling cars(consistent 20+ guy with some 30s) and barely surviving during my first 6 months selling 10 cars a month I had to ask myself what was going on.

It was me. I realized that me being non committal and not being obsessed with excellence and being the best I could be was hurting me. That’s why I invested in my life and focused on a lot of growth and found the right mentors to turn my thought process around.

Guess what happened too? When I stopped being a tire kicker that didn’t give a fuck about wasting people's time and started focusing on being the best I can be then my sales went up…

And they kept going up!

Because I had higher standards for myself, expected higher or others, and people say that with my words, actions, and body language.

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