Do these 3 things now to change your marketing tomorrow.

I remember a time when I had over 5000 connections on my list and almost ZERO engagement.

This didn't help my business and I needed to change it.

I have coached and helped 100s of students learn how to sell more and market themselves using Social Media.

I've been doing it since 2008, it's not hard if you understand how attraction and direct response marketing plays into content.

The hardest part is understanding how the various platforms work and how you can get the algorithms cranking in your favor.

When you make a post X% of the people connected to you will see that post.

If X% engage(any click) then X% more will see that post.

It keeps repeating until the posts dies and you get maximum news feed saturation

This doesn't happen if your lists are full of dead or inactive accounts.

Doing these three things EVERY DAY can change the engagement you get and change your business right away.

Every single day you need to:

1- Search Memories in the search bar

2- Click on birthdays and see the people who have birthdays 'today'

3- Click each name and open them in a different tab

It's better to do it this way because you are only filtering through dozens instead of filtering through 100s or 1000s at a time.

Every single profile that you opened up you are looking for a few things.

1- Are they your target market?

2- Are they alive and active on Social Media

The people that aren't your target market are taking up space.

The people that aren't active and post once a week aren't helping you at all.

They are hurting you.

If they do not fit the criteria above then they do not belong on your friends list.

They are taking up space and they are hurting your business.

Unfriend them and remove them.

The people that make the cut and are part of your target market and people that active you want to reach out, message them, and engage on a few of their most recent posts.

Get that algorithm in your favor

The message doesn't have to be super complicated.

A simple "(first name), I wanted to reach out and wish you a Happy Birthday. Any big plans for the day" or "(first name), I wanted to reach out and say Happy Friendiversary. How have you been" is enough to get engagement.

The amount of people that message you back saying "Thanks" will blow your mind.

It created a conversation and communication that wasn't there.

It created affinity ensuring they'll see more and more of your posts in the future.

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