Discover the #1 Social Media Marketing tip for hosting a KILLER Open House!

Let me paint you a quick scene. It’s Saturday morning and I just woke up and I am laying in our $10,000 bed with the wife just barely awake and doing what every other adult is doing, am I right?

I am mindlessly scrolling Social Media(Facebook) and it’s like I’m playing a vertical scrolling game from Atari or Doodle Jump and then I see a post and it’s a post from you.

That’s right! It’s your Open House that you spent the last week prepping for, invested several hours into, and have money tied up on…

You need people to show up, am I right?

That’s why you quickly posted on Facebook and since we’re friends I seen your post but just barely and it’s not because I don’t like you. It’s because we are all thrown so much information unless something does one of two things:

Sticks out


We won’t notice it and it won’t click with us. We will keep scrolling mindlessly like we are playing those old videos games shooting spaceships and shit, you know?

It’s cool though because I have an easy fix.

Are you ready for this?

We treat it like an actual event. That’s right. It’s that easy. You set up a Public Event so anyone can see it and this is the part most people miss…

It’s like my podcast, everyone wants to do something but no one wants to promote because they don’t want to “spam”, am I right?


You are hurting yourself. You should be your biggest supporter and those connected with you will support you too.

Posting just once the morning of doesn’t work. We want to post about it a few times.

During the open house(towards end)- do a LIVE for the before locking up and take advantage of still being there and the ability to show it.

During the open house(setting up)- Post a picture with some friendly words and an invitation for people to join you.

Morning of open house(few hours before)- Post a quick status with a colored backdrop about how you’re excited to do an Open House today!

Day before(afternoon)- share a picture of the property and some highlights and mention the open house tomorrow.

2 days before(any time)- post an engagement post about your open house. “I am an Open House this weekend. Do you like Coffee or Donuts?”, something as simple as that.

That is only 5 post and you are getting a lot more exposure to your Open House or event now.

People aren’t missing it and aren’t scrolling past it AND a lot more of your friends are seeing it now. Platforms show limited people each post so if you are pushing something you want multiple post about it but different types of post and content too.

You also want to give people the chance to plan for it but not forget about it. We find with our students and clients as well as doing this ourselves that the 3-5 days out is the golden window.

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