Be Human... make sales...

People aren't into robots unless you're into some kinky shit...

But hey... Who am I to judge?

When Sales Professionals post online they mess up A LOT.

And your friends/family hate it.

They come across as this robot or Non-Human...

Offer this....Offer that... Their pages look like a craigslist ad or a marketplace segment.

Facebook sees this and see their lack of engagement and penalizes this.

One thing that I teach to prevent this is something I call the "Attractive Character".

You're not a writer or creating "someone"

You're just being you.

But letting the real you be shown and shine as the star you are.

After people write down their lists of hobbies and interests they want to share with the world they make a major mistake(another thing I teach)...

They only posts about those "Attractive Character" interests as they're doing them.

The issue here is that it doesn't get the same passions across.

You love hunting and fishing but you do it once a year and post about it once a year.

You love roller coasters but you hit an amusement part every 3 years.

Your favorite place ever is 2,000 miles away and you vacation once a decade 'to see family and friends'...

When you post about these things as you do them then you're missing the opportunity to post a lot of content.

There are plenty of ways to talk about these seldom enjoyed but REALLY loved topics.

And the only way to appear human and relatable is by being human and relatable...

Think and share:

đź’ĄPast stories

đź’ĄFuture goals and wants

đź’ĄCurrent event as you do them

đź’ĄFamily enjoying it

đź’ĄFriends enjoying it

Just because you aren't doing it right now doesn't mean you can't post about it and use it to appear human, attract people that like it, and leverage your love.

The name of the game with Content Marketing is ATTRACTION.

It's attracting the people that love what you do and you, will buy from you, and will market for you.


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