Are you bi enough?

Stop thinking about two girls and one cup and get your damn mind out of the gutter...

We are talking about Bi-Stories which are kind of like a second story of that first story.... Okay, that's exactly what they are.

Every single time you post on Social Media you create a story. The story is your content and what people see. Our newsfeed saturation determines how many people see our "story" or posts and when you are using content to market that's important, wouldn't you agree?

There's an issue every single time you post though.

The same exact people are seeing your same message over and over and over... Most people have an issue with growth and targeting and expanding their list on Facebook.

Every time you post the same few 100 or 1000 or so people see it.

It makes getting your message out there difficult.

The great news is if you have a great message a bunch of engagement then you have the possibility to create a bi-story or a second story.

You ever scrolled Facebook and see "Jim commented in this post"... that's a bi-story.

That is leveraging someone else's actions to create more newsfeed saturation.

When someone comments or engages it creates a natural bi-story but you're here because you want the secrets to creating bi-stories yourself, right?

Tags. It's that simple.

It drives me nuts when I see someone with a customer pic and the customer is smiling and happy and their name is in a post but they weren't tagged?

Why the eff not?

You want that social proof to all of their friends and your friends and you want all of your customers friends to see what you just did.

That is a true bi-story that appears on multiple timelines and gets heavy newsfeed Saturation.

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