Always be Prospecting?

💥ALWAYS BE CLOSING... and more importantly... PROSPECTING💥

I remember years ago when I sold Steaks to Cattle Ranchers D2D in Montana. I get it, D2D was a brutal gig and motivated me to get better with my digital marketing. I just had a D2D guy come to my door.

Door to Door salesman- "Hi, I'm with XYZ pest control and with all the rain there's been A LOT of bugs. I have trucks in the area and can hook you up with pest control really cheap while the trucks are in the area..."

Me- I get it brother but we don't have a pest problem, we haven't noticed any pest at all.

Him- I understand this is a preventive service and I can get you done cheap while my trucks are in the area.

Me- I understand I don't have a need for it right now. Also don't use cheap, it's a bad value word. Try "very affordable" instead. Great urgency statement with the "While my trucks are in the area". Let me grab you a card.

Hands him card while he looks confused.

Me- "Look, it's hot outside and I know you're sweating balls. I help A LOT of sales professionals leverage their social media and get out of this heat. If you're tired of sweating and knocking doors then check out my site and give me a call. Let me help you"


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