5 ways to increase your sales today using lead magnets!

Have you ever heard of a lead magnet?

Something that attracts leads and qualifies them for you.

You see them all the time.

In fact, this post is acting as a lead magnet.The people that want to learn how to market themselves better and increase their sales will keep reading.And that’s awesome because that’s who I want to talk to right now.

A lead magnet is something of value that is attracting people to you.

Ideally it’s attracting your target market and that’s an entirely different post and topic I’ll talk about another day..The goal of a lead magnet is to bring you more opportunities.

It’s not cold calling either because we both know cold calling sucks, am I right?

You should be exchanging value for information, permission to be contacted and ,in a perfect world, an appointment or sale.Enough talk…

Here’s the 5 Free lead magnets you can use today to create more sales opportunities.1-

Giveaway- It doesn’t even have to be anything huge. It can be some swag and stuff. Hitting your email list and social media platforms with a giveaway is a sure fire way to grab leads coming to you.

You can invest some money yourself and buy the items but there’s better ways. Talk to your boss about expensing it or reach out to people as sponsors in a cross promotion. Make it makes sense and you’ll win.

2- “How to get the best deal on (what you sell).”- Write a quick how-to about saving money or better terms on the product you sell. It could be a special report that’s only a page long. Make sure one of your steps is to contact you with a compelling reason and your unique selling proposition.

3- Monthly Newsletter- Yeah, I get it… It’s old school and it still works. You can create a paper newsletter and mail it to your market. You can go digital and hit an email list. The options are endless.Making it all about yourself and promotions will fail. You have to provide value so think of community events, relevant information and 20% marketing.

4- How to get the most for your trade/house/insurance coverage- This ties into the second point on this list. People care about one thing and that’s WIIFM(What’s In It For Me?)... That’s it. Create a catchy headline and throw together an information piece that supports the headline the leads will come.

5- Create a group- Facebook groups are great for lead generation. I get dozens of leads every month from Facebook groups and other lead capture methods.In fact I was getting too many leads as a very busy solopreneur. That’s why I had to bring on team members and outsource to help scale grow Sales Talk Uncensored and Auto Sales Secrets.Bottom line is groups are one of the best ways to get leads. Create a buy sell type group in your area and use it for marketing.

If you have niche cars you can attract people nationwide with a niche group.There’s ways you can get their information and qualify them as a lead. I am talking about getting their name, phone numbers, emails and them TELLING YOU “Yes, I could use your help”. It’s crazy.

I actually cover this secret and all of the others posted here in extensive detail in my ‘Super Awesome Social Media Bootcamp’. I teach a lot more than just that.

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