3 Reasons Videos are the most Important thing you can master.

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Look, we've all heard about how important video is.

Mastering video can completely change your business.

Have you ever wondered why video is so powerful?

There's 3 HUGE reasons why video is power and why you need to master it today to change your business tomorrow.

Let's go over the 3 reasons why video is so POWERFUL and something you need to master if you want to take your business to the next level

1- Higher news feed saturation- A lot of people don't make video because they are scared to. The percentage of videos to other types of posts is super low.

Something like 1% of all content are video. The crazy part is that when you scroll your news feed you would never guess.

That's because video makes up about 10% of all posts being shown and getting seen.

That means when you create a video that you have a much higher chance or being seen off the bat. That's not including the other 2 reasons video are super important.

2- Turns you into an Authority- Since the beginning of time we have all been programmed to think one though, "If you see that person on TV then they are important". It wasn't until YouTube and other platforms started to become big that the ability was for everyone.

Even now with the ability there for everyone to use it, very few do. People are scared of video. If you can jump on a video and give people value and information then you will become that authority figure to them.

3- People on video are "Famous"- This ties into how we've been programmed too. If you are on video and on a screen then you are "famous". Fame is a great thing too. Fame has changed and it's now hyper-local.

You can become "famous" in your area and make a KILLING. I have students tell me all the time that's invested in our Perfect Video Tool and started doing AWESOME videos, "David, I was walking around town and someone stopped me again". That is power. That is people knowing who you are and if people know you then they buy from you.

Without being known you will not be in business, am I right?

Even better? Those people are probably Raving Fans. Raving Fans is the goal of content and digital marketing. Raving Fans will not only buy from you but they will market for you. It's like a giant compounding effect. Not only do they buy but they send more people your way. If you read this and liked it then do me a small favor.

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