Sales is the best job EVER if you’re making sales, am I right?


That’s what I thought when I was getting into sales but I had one HUGE problem.

It was 2008 and what was happening in 2008?

The recession and 2 BIG problems that were stopping me from making sales.


  1. Companies were scared to spend money on marketing and weren’t paying to get

       people through the doors.


   2. The people that were coming in weren’t                           spending enough money to make a good living


I sat there with a young family and in a brand NEW city and in a brand NEW career and with absolutely no education at all and wondered, “How am I going to make this work?”


Thankfully my mom liked chat rooms(a few ex husbands came from there) when I was growing up and I seen the power of the internet and how it can connects people and I thought, “Can I use this Facebook thing for marketing?”...


I tried it out! I had this supplement I was marketing to and sure enough I was able to make a sale.


And another Sale… and they kept coming.

And the crazy part is it didn't matter what I went industry I went into or what my students are doing: cars, insurance, retail, real estate... 

Our content marketing strategies work with them all.

Since 2008 I have sold over a million dollars worth products and services and have coached 100s of others to sell 10s of millions organically worth of products and services using their FREE Facebook profile and I am going to show you how you can do the same exact thing too!


Just look at what some of our students are saying!































In this webclass you will leave knowing these things:


  • How to create content that brings you ravings fans ready to buy from you and market for you even if you don’t know what to post!


  • The one secret to making yourself not come off as “spammy”


  • Why your posts aren’t converting and bringing you leads that are ready to buy NOW.


  • How to become great at getting leads from Facebook even if you don’t know how to work a cell phone or computer!


  • How to get 100s of leads from Facebook without ads, marketplace, or buy/sell groups


  • And much more that will teach you How to build an online presence you can be proud of that will buy from you and market for you.


You too can start using your Facebook for getting more sales in your first 30 days with our Social Media Secrets we share in this webclass.


At last, the secrets to getting 100s of leads without ads from Social Media are revealed in the webclass that you won’t to miss on (DATE).


It’s really easy to learn how to turn your Facebook and other Social Media in LEAD GENERATING MACHINES. All you have to do is will out the Registration form below and we send you the webclass link.

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